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We support coating, ink, adhesive, sealant, resin polymerisation and construction industries across the region. Find out how our reliable ingredients and extensive technical know-how can help your business.


Learn more about our product solutions. We source exclusively from reliable international technology partners who are world-class innovators in the coating sector.


See which industry segments we support and how we can help businesses overcome common challenges. Our expertise and solutions are at your disposal.


Find out what is happening in Asia’s coating industries. Learn more about the latest trends. See how new approaches and innovative products can help your business.

What We Do

A Modern Approach to Coating & Resins Industries

At Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients, we partner with the world’s premier suppliers of coating & resins, ink and construction chemicals, additives, and ingredients. This allows us to bring leading technologies to South East Asia. Our extensive portfolio of high value-added products ensures that customers turn to us at the beginning of their product development, reformulations and tenders. As well as global multinationals, our local teams in each country support regional players and the many leading and emerging local manufacturers.

Our technical sales team supports a wide customer base with their deep experience across coating & resins, ink, and construction sectors. A continual programme of training and sales excellence ensures that we maintain relevant knowledge and responsive service.

Also, we now have a state-of-the-art Regional Coating Innovation Centre. This new service and application laboratory serves regional clients across the region with technical expertise and a world-class infrastructure.

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Years in Asia

Metric tons of specialty ingredients distributed each year

International technology partners

Our Product Solutions

Our team has a solid range of specialised products available for coating industries. Take a look at the different product types and see how they can help your business grow.

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Our team provides a full range of JebChem functional additives, including dispersing agents, defoamers, levelling agents, substrate wetting agents, slip agents, and many more. We help solve processing challenges and make your ideas possible. In addition to our high-quality system solutions, we offer a comprehensive and varied range of services, including tailor-made solutions, specialist seminars and trainings.

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Paint properties and characteristics are generally driven by the used binder type. Our binder range covers various supply forms (solid, s/b, w/b) to ensure our products match your requirements & applications. We offer reliable and competitive sources for acrylic resin, alkyd resin, polyester resin, unsaturated polyester, gum resin, and many others.

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Co-binders are often used to modify systems, to improve or overcome particular issues. Examples are adhesion on various difficult substrates, flexibility, hardness, or drying properties. Our team offers various types of speciality co-binders to solve your technical challenges, such as CPP, CPO, MP45, special polyester, phenoxy resins, and many others.

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Our innovative high-quality pigment paste systems for decorative and industrial paint fully comply with current and future environmental and green label requirements. High TSR and superdurable systems are also available. In addition to our high-quality system solutions, we offer a comprehensive and varied range of services, such as database creation, colour matching, tailor-colour fan deck, as well as access to software & cloud marketing platforms (value up to USD 100,000.-). We also provide access to specialist seminars and trainings.

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We provide high-performance isocyanate crosslinkers (IPDI) for 1K and 2K polyurethane systems that require excellent hardness, UV and weather resistance, chemicals & sterilisation resistance, as well as very low sensitivity to moisture. Also, we provide a full range of epoxy hardeners for coatings, flooring, adhesive and construction industries. We also provide special mercaptan epoxy hardeners that allow you to formulate rapid (2-5 minutes) curing systems, which are commonly required in adhesive and construction industries, such as Polyamidoamine (PAA), Polyamidoamine Adducts, Modified cycloaliphatic polyamine, Mercaptan epoxy hardeners.

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Functional Silane

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Our functional silanes are highly effective and provide great benefits to coating, adhesive, sealant, and emulsion resins manufacturers. A variety of functionality modifications for silane molecules improve reactivity and chemical reactions. Our team can advise you on choosing the right silane, which provides various benefits, such as improving adhesion, chemical & scrub resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture scavenger, improved elongation and tensile strength.

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Neutralising Agents

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Our neutralising agents include low odour and zero VOC ingredients. These speciality amine chemicals allow you to achieve high-quality emulsion paints and comply with lasting green label regulatory requirements.

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Peroxide & Persulphate

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Our team provides one-stop service solutions for your polymerisation requirements. We have a full range of organic and inorganic peroxides available to support your business.

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Our team has been serving customers in paint and ink industries for more than 50 years with high-quality black and white pigments. We help develop and launch new products for the market and provide customers with strong ingredients and know-how. Also, we offer a comprehensive and varied range of technical services and tailor-made solutions to meet client requirements.

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Speciality Solvents

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Our special high boiling-point solvents with excellent solubility are commonly required for automotive, can & coil coatings, as well as screen Ink applications. They provide excellent anti-popping & surface control properties.

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Fillers & Extenders

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Our range of functional fillers provide clients with added value and improves particular performances of products. These include heat and TSR reflection, film hardness, improved corrosion resistance, better opacity, and many more.

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We offer a wide range of innovative products to help you meet technical and quality objectives. Our unique waterproofing solutions include liquid applied cationic bitumen, which provides immediate rain proofing as well as long term durable systems, such as Polyurea, Polymethyl-methacrylate and Crystallisation concrete waterproofing technology.

Our Industry Specialisations

Our industry experts across the region have experience with many specialised coating segments. Take a look at their main focus areas.

outside patio built with concrete and wood

Adhesive & Sealant

Adhesives and sealants have been used for centuries, with the emergence of chemical industry and synthetic polymers. Today’s adhesives and sealants are classified in many different ways – by curing or bonding mechanism, by chemistry type or by applications (e.g. structural vs. non-structural).

One of the largest markets for adhesives and sealants today is Building & Construction as well as the Transportation segment where we can offer specialty ingredients to enhance quality, adhesion & cohesion, mechanical fastening, heat & long term durability, etc.

outside patio built with concrete and wood

Architectural Coating

Architectural Coating represents the largest end-user segment in the coating industry. With our network of selected world-class technology partners, we can help you to bring differentiated products to the market. We offer value-added and innovative solutions, such as Ultra Low VOC, Easy Clean, Self-Cleaning, Solar Reflection, Heat Reflection, Anti-dirt Pickup, High Flexibility, Super Durability, and Auto Tinting Sytems in our portfolio. Additionally, we provide full technical support for formulation development, database creation, tailored colour fan decks, tinting software, Specialised Cloud Marketing Platform, and much more. Talk to one of our specialists to help you solve your challenges.

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Automotive OEC & Car Refinish

Automotive paint is used on automobiles for both protection and decoration purposes. Paints and coatings developed for the automotive industry are also the most demanding in terms of quality and aesthetic value desired by end-use customers. The high expectations and demands of the end-user drive car manufacturers and body shop owners to maintain uniform high quality. Overall, the requirements of automotive paint are desirable durability, good weathering resistance, good chemical resistance, as well as good mechanical properties.

workers applying floor coating at construction site

Construction & Floor Coating

Construction coatings are tough, protective layers used in applications where heavy surface wear or corrosion are expected. Typical applications include warehouses, chemical plants, and manufacturing floors. Construction coatings can also be used to brighten or define areas of facilities, mark traffic aisles, route traffic, cover stained concrete, or in concrete admixtures.

purple resin pearls

Resin Polymerisation

The binder, or resin, is usually what gives the coating its name, such as polyurethane or acrylic. While the pigment provides a paint with colour, the additives give it extra desirable characteristics, and the solvent gives it the necessary consistency for application. The binder is the film-forming component of paint, the vehicle that carries the pigment and then dries or cures, holding it in place. The binder is also responsible for adhesion, durability, flexibility, gloss, and other physical properties. Binders and resins for paint are one of the most important elements of coatings.

port with containers, ship, plane and truck

Industrial & Heavy Duty Coating

Industrial coating is a paint or coating defined by it’s protective, rather than its aesthetic properties, although it can provide both. The most common use of industrial coatings is for corrosion control of steel or concrete. These coatings include both air drying and stoving coatings and will include coatings across a wide range of uses such as nuts and bolts, office furniture, toolboxes, transformers, power plant, transport containers and agricultural and construction equipment.

different colours of pigment powders lined up

Pigment Paste

Pigment Paste is a ready to use form of pigments. Pigment paste or concentrate is widely used in many paint applications. They have several benefits, such as increased productivity, as well as very high efficiency in colour tinting processes.

large metal coils lined up

Precoated Metal Coating

Metal coatings are coatings that are applied to metal to protect the metal and reduce wear and tear. An unprotected metal will rust and corrode due to environmental exposure. By coating the metal, an extra layer of protection is provided. A variety of coatings can be applied to metal, and the choice of which type of coating to apply is determined by the end use of the metal product. Metal coatings prevent oxidation and rust. Without a protective coating, the metal of a train or car would quickly be damaged by the liquids and chemicals to which it is routinely exposed.


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Printing Inks

Ink is used to colour a surface to produce an image, text, or design. Ink is used for drawing or writing with a pen, brush, or quill. Thicker inks, in paste form, are used extensively in letterpress and lithographic printing. Ink can be a complex medium, composed of solvents, pigments, dyes, resins, lubricants, solubilisers, surfactants, particulate matter, fluorescents, and other materials. The components of inks serve many purposes. The ink’s carrier, colourants, and other additives affect the flow and thickness of the ink and its dry appearance.

wood coating modern benches

Wood Coating

These are coatings applied in factories to wood for a range of uses, which include office furniture, kitchen and bathroom fittings, general furniture and industrial joinery. These are different from ‘wood care’ coatings, which are the DIY coatings such as wood varnishes and coatings for fences and decking.

Solving Challenges for Coating Industries

Creating modern consumer products is an advanced process with numerous challenges and potential pitfalls. Our teams are here to evaluate and advise. Take a look at a few common industry challenges and see how we approach these issues and help customers overcome them.

white road markings on street at night
Improving heat reflection for architectural paints

Studies of glass bubbles and ceramic spheres have found that both materials can help to significantly reduce the temperature inside buildings by improving heat-reflection and insulation properties. Our technical team can provide guidance and testing facilities to support such applications.

Improving elongation and flexibility of rooftop paints

Our team can provide products which improve the flexibility and elongation of  rooftop paints. This can help prevent water leakage due to film cracking.

Optimising paint and solving defects

Choosing the right additives can help optimise the production process and paint defects, as well as increase the productivity of coatings and printing inks. Even the smallest adjustments to the type and quantity of additives can have profound impacts. Our technical team can help guide and test applications, supporting clients with relevant solutions.

Improving quality and accuracy of colour tinting

Our team offers high-quality colourants for both in-plant and POS systems. Our products integrate with automatic colour tinting software to control the accuracy of colour tinting and optimise productivity. We also provide one-stop services, such as formulation creation, establishing databases and providing auto-colour software support.

Improving anti-slip for floor coatings

We successfully developed a water-based anti-slip for floor coatings to increase the coefficiency of friction. Our solution uses glass bubbles to develop excellent anti-slippery properties. Our team can customise and build new formulations, based on these guidelines, supporting clients with tailored solutions.

Providing cost-down solutions

We are formulation creators and can help clients find the right formula to reduce costs. We achieve this by extensively testing and exchanging formulation parts, which will result in improved quality at lowered costs.

Providing formulation guidance

Our Regional Coating Innovation Centre can create tailored formulas. We have both the technical expertise as well as the infrastructure to run small and large projects. This provides clients with a unique opportunity of innovating, without having to invest heavily in testing equipment or R&D staff costs.

Working With Us

Apart from world-class product solutions and a strong technical team, our clients can also benefit from several other services.

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World-class Infrastructure

Handling more than 100,000 metric tons of specialty ingredients each year, our infrastructure is well set up, maintained and tested. From state-of-the-art warehousing processes to modern IT systems, all of these investments allow us to serve our clients better.

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Regulatory Affairs

Asia’s rules and regulations can sometimes be difficult to navigate. That is why we have invested heavily in professional regulatory affairs teams in each country. Our local colleagues provide a deep understanding and know-how of local policies and help to avoid mistakes.

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ISO & OHSAS Certifications

All of our entities and infrastructure are ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified. Beyond that, our regional warehouse hub in Thailand is also certified for ISO 9001. These procedures allow us to continuously improve our operation quality and the safety of colleagues, clients, and end-users.

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SAP Integrated

All of our offices and infrastructure run on one SAP system. This gives us and our partners full transparency about supply chain processes – from order until delivery, and after-sales.

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Customer Service teams

Our local customer service teams in each country make sure customers can rely on us. They combine local know-how with extensive training and are there for our clients all steps along the way.

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Compliance & Anti-Corruption

Strong compliance and non-corruption practices across all of our departments help us create trust. This is why many international technology partners choose to rely on us when doing business in the region.


Innovation at your disposal

Our Regional Coating Innovation Centre

Our Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients’ Regional Coating Innovation Centre is a state-of-the-art research facility dedicated to solving the problems you face in manufacturing high-quality products. At the RCIC we create new concepts, panels, samples, and product prototypes weekly, all in efforts to bring clients the best possible product. We understand that testing and paint preparation are key to develop new and revolutionary concepts and products. Consistency and accuracy are of paramount importance. That is why our laboratory only uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

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